Conversion by Question

Round 1

# Question CategoryCorrectInterruptIncorrectNo Try PP20TUH
2 William Butler Yeats Poetry20004420.00
3 Diego Velazquez Painting26003820.00
4 paradoxes Mathematics31003320.00
5 Ohio Current Events30003420.00
6 Animal Farm British Literature32003220.00
10 terracotta Other Fine Arts30003420.00
11 Republic of Hungary European History32003220.00
12 relativism Social Science and Philosophy18004620.00
13 Richard Strauss Instrumental Classical Music12005220.00
15 Yangtze River Geography23004120.00
16 Fourth Amendment United States History22004220.00
17 Mexico European and World Literature25003920.00
18 buffers Chemistry24004020.00
19 Flannery O'Connor United States Literature14005020.00
20 Carl Friedrich Gauss Physics11005320.00

Round 2

# Question CategoryCorrectInterruptIncorrectNo Try PP20TUH
3 Robert Walpole European History8005620.00
4 Harry "Rabbit" Angstrom United States Literature7005720.00
6 The Arnolfini Marriage Painting23004120.00
8 The Waste Land Poetry14005020.00
9 dark energy Other Science15004920.00
10 Black Sea Geography26003820.00
12 determinants Mathematics17004720.00
13 Virginia Current Events13005120.00
14 Vladimir Nabokov European and World Literature16004820.00
15 oxidation Chemistry21004320.00
16 Tokugawa Ieyasu Military History29003520.00
17 Escherichia coli Biology30003420.00
18 Teapot Dome scandal United States History25003920.00
19 monopoly/ies Social Science and Philosophy32003220.00
20 Czech Republic Instrumental Classical Music13005120.00
21 Inca Empire Military History200220.00

Round 3

# Question CategoryCorrectInterruptIncorrectNo Try PP20TUH
1 Crimean War Military History30003420.00
2 voting Current Events30003420.00
5 Akhenaten World History23004120.00
6 Death of a Salesman United States Literature31003320.00
7 South China Sea Geography28003620.00
8 plum pudding model Chemistry31003320.00
10 Euclid Mathematics31003320.00
11 The Carnival of the Animals Instrumental Classical Music24004020.00
12 methods Other Science10005420.00
13 Albert Camus European and World Literature30003420.00
14 Plessy v. Ferguson United States History30003420.00
16 utilitarianism Social Science and Philosophy30003420.00
17 Echinodermata Biology25003920.00
18 Madama Butterfly Other Fine Arts31003320.00
19 East Germany European History29003520.00
20 Rastafarianism Religion and Mythology29003520.00
21 The Crying of Lot 49 United States Literature300320.00

Round 4

# Question CategoryCorrectInterruptIncorrectNo Try PP20TUH
1 Alexander the Great European History31003320.00
2 Symphony No. 5 in C minor (Beethoven) Instrumental Classical Music20004420.00
3 table tag (HTML) Other Science13005120.00
4 First Battle of Trenton Military History24004020.00
6 torque Physics20004420.00
7 Zoroastrianism Religion and Mythology25003920.00
8 The Canterbury Tales British Literature29003520.00
9 mercury Chemistry32003220.00
10 The Great Gatsby United States Literature32003220.00
11 truth Social Science and Philosophy27003720.00
13 Pierre-Auguste Renoir Painting6005820.00
14 rabies Biology30003420.00
15 Rosa Parks United States History32003220.00
16 Syria Current Events31003320.00
17 Richard Wagner Other Fine Arts20004420.00
18 prime numbers Mathematics32003220.00
19 Nicaragua World History23004120.00
20 Japan European and World Literature31003320.00
21 velocity Physics100120.00

Round 5

# Question CategoryCorrectInterruptIncorrectNo Try PP20TUH
2 Rene Magritte Painting21004320.00
7 David Cameron Current Events29003520.00
13 Howl Poetry20004420.00
15 Colorado River Geography29003520.00
16 Boston, Massachusetts United States History32003220.00
18 The Secret Life of Walter Mitty United States Literature16004820.00
19 Gian Lorenzo Bernini Other Fine Arts18004620.00
20 Boxer Rebellion Military History29003520.00
21 Robert Boyle Chemistry200220.00

Round 6

# Question CategoryCorrectInterruptIncorrectNo Try PP20TUH
2 Achilles Religion and Mythology32003220.00
3 pendulums Physics29003520.00
5 Heart of Darkness British Literature22004220.00
6 tropical rainforest Biology31003320.00
7 Nathaniel Hawthorne United States Literature26003820.00
8 Ohio River Geography29003520.00
9 Toussaint Louverture World History15004920.00
10 Venus Other Science29003520.00
11 Things Fall Apart European and World Literature19004520.00
13 tungsten Biology26003820.00
14 SEC United States History12005220.00
15 Robert Frost Poetry30003420.00
16 irrationals Mathematics27003720.00
17 Ted Cruz Current Events13005120.00
19 Constantine I European History27003720.00
20 Sigmund Social Science and Philosophy30003420.00

Round 7

# Question CategoryCorrectInterruptIncorrectNo Try PP20TUH
1 Congo River Geography23004120.00
2 artificial selection Biology24004020.00
3 limits Mathematics26003820.00
4 Wuthering Heights British Literature30003420.00
5 Andrew Wyeth Painting16004820.00
6 Jawaharlal Nehru World History24004020.00
7 Theseus Religion and Mythology29003520.00
8 Thomas Young Physics19004520.00
10 Saul Bellow United States Literature16004820.00
11 subduction Other Science25003920.00
12 Battle of Zama Military History17004720.00
13 Soren Kierkegaard Social Science and Philosophy26003820.00
14 Gustav Mahler Instrumental Classical Music25003920.00
16 benzene Biology28003620.00
19 Italy Current Events32003220.00
20 Maria Theresa European History22004220.00

Round 8

# Question CategoryCorrectInterruptIncorrectNo Try PP20TUH
1 Dick Cheney United States History27003720.00
2 electric current Physics17004720.00
3 John Donne Poetry5005920.00
5 Johann Sebastian Bach Instrumental Classical Music25003920.00
7 Mexican-American War Military History29003520.00
9 Sinclair Lewis United States Literature3006120.00
11 acid rain Other Science25003920.00
12 Napoleon I European History32003220.00
13 sickle-cell anemia Chemistry28003620.00
14 Virginia Woolf British Literature7005720.00
15 Angela Chemistry21004320.00
16 Pablo Picasso Painting31003320.00
17 justice Social Science and Philosophy28003620.00
18 arithmetic mean Mathematics30003420.00
19 Italy European and World Literature32003220.00
20 Saudi Arabia World History24004020.00

Round 9

# Question CategoryCorrectInterruptIncorrectNo Try PP20TUH
2 axons Biology17004720.00
3 Mack the Knife Other Fine Arts2006220.00
6 Their Eyes Were Watching God United States Literature22004220.00
7 Martin Van Buren United States History30003420.00
8 The Tempest British Literature32003220.00
9 filtering Biology23004120.00
10 The Girl With The Pearl Earring Painting26003820.00
12 Bangladesh Current Events31003320.00
14 Lines Composed a Few Miles above Tintern Abbey Poetry19004520.00
15 alkenes Other Science16004820.00
16 Five-Year Plans World History23004120.00
17 Lake Pontchartrain Geography14005020.00
18 Niccolo Paganini Instrumental Classical Music25003920.00
19 Doppler effect Physics31003320.00
20 Cyrus the Great Military History17004720.00
21 E. M. Forster British Literature200220.00

Round 10

# Question CategoryCorrectInterruptIncorrectNo Try PP20TUH
1 A Tale of Two Cities British Literature31003320.00
2 fermentation Other Science27003720.00
3 unemployment rate Social Science and Philosophy31003320.00
6 Huguenots European History30003420.00
7 Gilgamesh European and World Literature26003820.00
9 2 Mathematics31003320.00
10 Franz Schubert Instrumental Classical Music11005320.00
12 Antoine Lavoisier Chemistry8005620.00
13 Bay of Pigs Invasion Military History29003520.00
14 To Kill a Mockingbird United States Literature32003220.00
15 Rome, Italy Other Fine Arts32003220.00
16 Canada World History32003220.00
17 Edgar Allan Poe Poetry32003220.00
18 semiconductors Physics7005720.00
19 Rembrandt Painting19004520.00
20 Baha'i Religion and Mythology17004720.00

Round 11

# Question CategoryCorrectInterruptIncorrectNo Try PP20TUH
1 surfactants Chemistry15004920.00
2 amaZulu Military History30003420.00
4 Thomas Mann European and World Literature24004020.00
5 Catherine the Great World History30003420.00
6 The Picture of Dorian Gray British Literature25003920.00
7 Hector Berlioz Instrumental Classical Music26003820.00
8 Sisyphus Religion and Mythology29003520.00
9 precession Physics11005320.00
12 Sir Winston Churchill European History32003220.00
13 Wallace Stevens Poetry16004820.00
14 excretory system Chemistry19004520.00
15 Starbucks Corporation Current Events32003220.00
17 Ontario Geography28003620.00
18 Cretaceous period Other Science24004020.00
19 Nathaniel "Nat" Turner United States History24004020.00
20 Edward Albee United States Literature22004220.00

Round 12

# Question CategoryCorrectInterruptIncorrectNo Try PP20TUH
1 Poseidon Religion and Mythology32003220.00
2 Vincent van Gogh Painting31003320.00
3 eye Biology32003220.00
5 Earth's magnetic field Other Science26003820.00
6 Henry Ford United States History32003220.00
7 Holden Caulfield United States Literature22004220.00
9 Walt Whitman Poetry27003720.00
10 socialism Social Science and Philosophy27003720.00
13 Pakistan Geography26003820.00
15 Frederic Chopin Instrumental Classical Music17004720.00
16 helium Chemistry32003220.00
17 abortion Current Events31003320.00
18 Sir Isaac Newton Physics32003220.00
19 Waiting For Godot British Literature10005420.00

Round 13

# Question CategoryCorrectInterruptIncorrectNo Try PP20TUH
1 Benny Goodman Other Fine Arts12005220.00
2 cell walls Biology29003520.00
4 hyperbolas Mathematics29003520.00
7 Leopold II European History24004020.00
8 James Baldwin United States Literature12005220.00
9 Victoria Geography31003320.00
10 Suleiman the Magnificent World History25003920.00
11 A Clockwork Orange British Literature28003620.00
14 Margaret Atwood European and World Literature22004220.00
17 Jonathan Edwards United States History23004120.00
19 Sandro Botticelli Painting26003820.00
20 Immanuel Kant Social Science and Philosophy28003620.00
21 Phoenician World History300320.00

Round 14

# Question CategoryCorrectInterruptIncorrectNo Try PP20TUH
2 Apple Inc. Chemistry32003220.00
4 John Jay United States History20004420.00
5 mutation Biology31003320.00
7 The Netherlands European History26003820.00
8 Ernest Hemingway United States Literature23004120.00
9 Chanukah Religion and Mythology32003220.00
10 triangles Mathematics31003320.00
11 The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam Poetry6005820.00
12 Nicolaus Copernicus Other Science27003720.00
13 Plato Social Science and Philosophy31003320.00
14 The Scream Painting31003320.00
15 ninjas World History32003220.00
16 Edward Elgar Instrumental Classical Music8005620.00
17 Battle of Tippecanoe Military History16004820.00
18 crystallography Biology4006020.00
20 Les Miserables European and World Literature30003420.00
21 scales Other Science300320.00

Championship Phase I: Questions 1-20

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Championship Phase II: Questions 21-40

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Championship Phase III: Questions 41-50

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Championship Phase IV: Questions 51-60

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